“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” Author Unknown

There is something special about the language of dance. It is universal and it speaks directly to the heart from person to person. The art of dance is prevalent around the world, and it enables the dancer to share stories and history to their audience without saying a word, using only the movements of the body and soul. There is no better example of this than the art of dance from Hawaii.  Like the islands themselves, they are a rare beauty and hold the key to a deep rooted culture and unchanging heritage. It is said by natives that “when words fail, we turn to a more ancient art of communication to express the beauty of Hawaii”, the native dance of the Hula. The Hula is as much an expression of Hawaiian life to its natives as it is their spiritual language. It has been opened up for sharing with dancers, dance studios, and performing groups traveling from abroad who are seeking to learn these sacred dances.

Dance Around the World is a full service organisation specifically tailored to meet the growing demand that dancers have for studying the Hawaiian dances, and many others abroad.  From the initial consultation, to preparing audition requirements, performances, competitions, and registration for workshops, to booking flights, hotels and cruises, the trip is all inclusive. Dance Around the World also provides a personal Tour Director for each trip to ensure that the  dancers get where they need to be to learn, perform and partake in Hawaii’s amazing dance scene with no barriers, hassles or worries.

Experiences in Honolulu for the dancers include:

  • Shopping Mall performances at Ala Moana as well as the Royal Hawaiian Centre
  • Cruise Ship performances
  • Hula Classes
  • Dance Workshops at a leading dance studio

Non-dancers and family members are also cared and provided for so they may enjoy the trip to Hawaii, as well. Tours and sightseeing excursions through Hawaii are also offered to such locations as: the Pearl Harbour tours, the Paradise Cove Sunset Luau, the Polynesian Cultural Centre, Sunset cruises and shopping at the Factory Outlet stores. Although the primary reason for the trip may be for dance purposes, the breathtakingly beautiful and natural landscape of the six Hawaiian islands can entice any traveler with its fresh, floral air, and tranquil waters.

No matter which corner of the world you travel to, dance will be there, and it offers us a chance to learn from each other. To travel the world and experience its vast assortment of dance styles and learn from a variety of masters in the art, is an experience of a lifetime. Take this opportunity to learn about Hawaii, its dances, and surround yourself in its majestic aura. It’s been said that there is no place on earth like thes Islands