Fundraising 101

Gone are the days of basic sausage sizzles and chocolate drives. Put the fun back into fundraising and try some of the fabulous ideas that have helped hundreds of studios travel overseas with us! Here are some simple, yet effective ideas to help your studio’s dreams come true. Great way to meet the other families who will be travelling with you on Tour!

Trivia Nights: Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition? Plan a fun filled trivia night at your studio or a local hall to get the ball rolling. Charge admission fees, organise small games to play in between rounds, sell food and drink, hold some raffles and even add a theme for a bit of extra fun!

Theme Nights: Everyone loves to dress up. Decorate your studio for Halloween, Christmas or Easter and charge an entry fee. Get each family in the fundraising committee to bring a plate of food and show a movie on the night. Organise fun games and prizes for best dressed!

Guessing Competitions: These always seem to entice an audience, especially those with a sweet tooth. A very simple fundraiser to organise, with the prize bearing a very small cost on the studio. Charge a small fee per entry. You could even incorporate this into your trivia or themed nights.

Now that you have some fabulous ideas, here’s a few tips to help you stay on track:

  1. Organisation: When it comes to fundraising, organisation is key. Nominate a committee to brainstorm, plan and oversee different fundraising events.
  2. Advertising: Think about how to let people know about your fundraising ventures. Social media is a great tool to use to spread the word about your event. You could even put up flyers at local companies, shopping centres or see if any parents can advertise the event at their workplace.
  3. Sponsorships and Donations: Sponsorships normally come from within your studio through parent’s employers who can assist by paying for jackets, costumes and cash donations. Be sure to approach local businesses to see if they can donate any goods or services to be used as raffle prizes.