Dance Tours to New York City

“Dream. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Enjoy the process. Love the art. Dance with your heart. Repeat.” Author Unknown.


As a dancer, you dream big! You have hopes of one day leaving the your studio, taking workshops with dance masters abroad, and dancing for large audiences at remarkable destinations.  First choice? New York! It’s unrivaled in its opportunities, and could possibly be labeled as the capital of dance, music and of all the arts in general. For the dancer, New York  offers inspiration and magnifies the fire burning in the soul. From workshops with top performers, tours of world renowned dance facilities, and group performance experiences, when visiting New York, dancers have the opportunity to expand their dance repertoire and their lives, while visiting one of the landmark cities of the United States.

Travelling to New York to bask in its amazing world of dance is no longer just a dream, it can now be a reality for dancers, dance studios and performing groups. Whether you are interested in attending class at the Alvin Ailey Facility, or visiting the Statue of Liberty, there are now companies that specialize in taking dancers where they need to be in New York be to fulfill all their deepest dancing desires. Dance Around the World is a full service organisation specifically tailored to meet dancers and their families travel expectations.  From the initial consultation, to preparing audition requirements, performances, competitions, and registration for workshops, to booking flights, hotels and cruises, your trip is all inclusive. Dance Around the World also provides a personal Tour Director for each trip to ensure that the  dancers get where they need to be to learn, perform and partake in New York’s amazing dance scene with no barriers, hassles or worries.

Experiences in New York for the dancers include :

  • Workshops at Broadway Dance Center, the Alvin Ailey, Steps on Broadway, the famous Joffrey Ballet and a Rockettes Master class
  • Tours of Radio City Music Hall, The Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts, the Juilliard School, The New York Ballet, The School of American  Ballet, Fiorello La Guardia Performing Arts High School and Hip Hop and Jazz Harlem Tour
  • Backstage at Broadway Shows such as Wicked and Aladdin
  • An array of evening theatre shows

Non-dancers and family members are also cared and provided for so they may enjoy the trip to New York, as well. Tours and sightseeing excursions are also offered to: the Empire State Building, World Trade Centre Site, Carriage Ride in Central Park, Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Centre, shopping at premium factory outlets and a variety of sporting events. Known as the “city that never sleeps”, there is a tremendous amount of hustle and bustle that goes one in New York, however, contrary to that, for those who prefer a quiet, relaxing get away, New York City is also known as the greenest city in America and home to the famous 843-acre Central Park which is only one of 1,700 parks and playgrounds located around town.

So, take a trip to the “Big Apple” with your dancers, and walk down Broadway, where you can see art in the theatre or in the streets, and marvel in all the reasons why New York has been known as one of the greatest cities of all times for artists of all genres.