Fundraising 101

Gone are the days of basic sausage sizzles and chocolate drives. Put the fun back into fundraising and try some of the fabulous ideas that have helped hundreds of studios travel overseas with us! Here are some simple, yet effective ideas to help your studio’s dreams come true. Great way to meet the other families who will be travelling with you on Tour!

Trivia Nights: Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition? Plan a fun filled trivia night at your studio or a local hall to get the ball rolling. Charge admission fees, organise small games to play in between rounds, sell food and drink, hold some raffles and even add a theme for a bit of extra fun!

Theme Nights: Everyone loves to dress up. Decorate your studio for Halloween, Christmas or Easter and charge an entry fee. Get each family in the fundraising committee to bring a plate of food and show a movie on the night. Organise fun games and prizes for best dressed!

Guessing Competitions: These always seem to entice an audience, especially those with a sweet tooth. A very simple fundraiser to organise, with the prize bearing a very small cost on the studio. Charge a small fee per entry. You could even incorporate this into your trivia or themed nights.

Now that you have some fabulous ideas, here’s a few tips to help you stay on track:

  1. Organisation: When it comes to fundraising, organisation is key. Nominate a committee to brainstorm, plan and oversee different fundraising events.
  2. Advertising: Think about how to let people know about your fundraising ventures. Social media is a great tool to use to spread the word about your event. You could even put up flyers at local companies, shopping centres or see if any parents can advertise the event at their workplace.
  3. Sponsorships and Donations: Sponsorships normally come from within your studio through parent’s employers who can assist by paying for jackets, costumes and cash donations. Be sure to approach local businesses to see if they can donate any goods or services to be used as raffle prizes.

4 Reasons Why you Should Add a Cruise onto your Trip!

Sail the seas and experience a Carnival or Royal Caribbean Cruise with Dance Around the World!

  1. Ultimate Relaxation – a short cruise at the end of an adventure-filled tour is always a great idea. Unpack once. Time to unwind and relax, or if you’re seeking more adventure there’s always activities to participate in! The ports always provide an opportunity to relax, or you could explore the island’s most famous attractions!
  2. Performance Opportunity – an amazing chance to shine on stage and be part of the onboard entertainment while on board the cruise ship!
  3. Meet the Performers on board and participate in a Dance workshop
  4. Tick another country off your bucket list – Whether it be Mexico or the Bahamas, wouldn’t it be great to tick one of them off your list? Where to next?

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Hong Kong Dance Tours!

The top 6 experiences- Dance Around the World Hong Kong and Macau Tour

  1. Hong Kong Disneyland – Experience the Magic of Disney in Asia – ride Disney favourites including It’s a Small World, Jungle River Cruise, Hyperspace Mountain, Orbitron, Toy Soldier Parachute, Slinky Dog Spin Drop as well as many other amazing rides and shows. Dancers have the opportunity participate in pre-parade entertainment in an afternoon Main Street Parade.
  2. Ocean Park – an opportunity to perform, then explore one of the most spectacular oceanariums in the world with the largest marine theatre.  It is also an amusement park perched around two mountain peaks, with an area of 870,000 square meters.
  3. K11 – with your name up in lights, perform at Hong Kong’s seven-storey shopping centre.
  4. Schenzhen China – Shenzhen Experience Tour including visits to Li Chi Park, Terracotta Warriors Exhibition, 69 floor Observation Deck and Lo Wu Commercial Shopping Mall with over 1000 stores!
  5. Stanley and Sightseeing – experience what this quaint village on Hong Kong’s South Coast has to offer. Shop ‘til you drop at the markets or stop at one of the many eateries located nearby. Ride a Sampan at Aberdeen and see the amazing view from Victoria Peak.
  6. Macau – experience the House of Dancing Water Show, luxury entertainment is world class in Macau! This old Portuguese colony offers a cultural experience on our sightseeing tour.

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Anaheim Dance Tours!

When you think of Anaheim, I’m sure Mickey Mouse comes to mind. However, Anaheim is one of Orange County’s largest cities, and it’s not just because of Disneyland.  Anaheim has so many attractions to offer, and a tour with Dance Around the World would allow you to experience these.

Of course, an Anaheim tour would not be complete without a visit to the Sleeping Beauty Castle, a Breakfast with some of Disney’s most famous and a walk along Main Street. But with us, your visit to Disneyland could be so much more. Your studio could have the chance to participate in a Dancers Parade down Main Street Disneyland and perform at Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure Park!

Other performance opportunities may include dancing on the City Walk Stage at Universal Studios, performing in Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Citadel Shopping Outlet, just to name a few.

Choose to immerse yourself in Anaheim’s sporting culture, experiencing a Dodgers or Angels baseball game, sightsee in LA and of course, the tour would not be complete without a dance workshop! A class at The Edge Performing Arts Centre, Playground LA, Debbie Reynolds or Millennium Dance Complex!!

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Orlando Dance Tours

Want to trade in the West Coast for the East Coast but still want to experience the magical world of Disney? Well look no further, Orlando is the place for you!

Here is an insight into some of the endless opportunities that you can choose from when touring Orlando with us, or better yet, why not choose them all?

  • Perform in Walt Disney World – A performance opportunity with a view! Allow your studio to shine on the Marketplace Stage in Walt Disney World, which backs onto the beautiful Lake Buena Vista! A stage purpose built for Disney Performing Arts.
  • Disney Performing Arts Workshop – experience the life of a professional Disney Dancer in a fun, upbeat and positive atmosphere.
  • Character Breakfast – eat breakfast alongside Disney’s favourite characters. Take some pictures with your favourite Disney Princess or get Mickey Mouses’ autograph! Spend the rest of the day walking the streets of Walt Disney World and see how many rides you can tick off your list. Visit all four Disney Theme Parks situated within Disney World- Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and EPCOT.
  • Performance at Universal Studios – A dance performance at Universal Studios City Walk located between Universal’s 2 Theme Parks. Dance workshops also available!

A visit to Kennedy Space Centre – a must see attraction when staying in Florida. Gain visitor access to the historic birthplace of American spaceflight and view artifacts of NASA’s Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle Programs in the context of exhibits and attractions that tell the NASA story. 

  • Experience an authentic American Sporting Event.
  • Add a New York extension for the ultimate experience!
  • Sail the seas with a 4-night Bahamas Cruise for the ultimate relaxation at the end of your trip and perform on the Ship!

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The Top 5 things to do in New York as a dancer

  1. Take a class Alvin Ailey Dance Theater
  2. Life as a Rockette – take the Radio City Stage Door Tour
  3. The Ride – sightsee around New York and experience performers blending with street life. You won’t be able to tell where the New York City streets begin and the show ends!
  4. Broadway Dance Center drop in studio offers 350 classes each week taught by some of the worlds renowned choreographers – the ultimate destination in the heart of the New York Theater District
  5. Broadway Show – see Chicago, Aladdin, Waitress, The Lion King, School of Rock the Musical to name a few and meet the cast at the Stage Door after the show

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