Dance Tour Opportunities in California

Dance Tour opportunities in California – more than ever before!

Dancing in California has always been a favourite for past passengers of Dance Around The World!

You might ask yourself why California? Why Disneyland?

California offers remarkable weather year round, making it a perfect holiday destination for the whole family! For those of you who have travelled in the past and are looking for something new and different, we are always adding opportunities for performances and workshops in California (and around the world!)

Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure and Universal Studios are all going through major developments to include new attractions and new performance opportunities.

Universal Studios has now opened its ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ for all the Hogwarts fans! Development continues with a 5 year plan to expand the theme park and filming locations.

Disneyland Park sees the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade. The return of this attraction has seen visitor numbers increase making it the perfect time to dance down magical Main Street with Dance Around The World.

Disney California Adventure has opened new attractions like Soarin’ and a new World of Colour along with major redevelopment such as Carthay Circle and the popular Cars Land!

In addition to these theme park performances Dance Around The World offers a wide variety of other opportunities and here is a brief look at them:

  • Perform in a Main Street Parade at Disneyland – one of the “wow’ events available
  • Perform at Universal Studios
  • Perform on Hollywood Blvd
  • Shopping Mall performances
  • Dance/Drama/Band/Choir Workshops with Disney Professionals as part of the Disney Performing Arts Program including Dance 101, Dance Master classes, Show Choir and Musical Theatre Workshops.
  • Workshops at The Edge Performing Arts Centre Hollywood one of the finest professional training facilities for commercial dance. They offer classes in Ballet, Tap , Jazz, Modern Fusion, Contemporary, Theatre Dance, Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Turns
  • Workshops at Millennium Dance Complex Hollywood widely referred to as “the place where it happens”. They offer classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz , Jazz Funk, Breakin, Classic Jazz, Contemporary Jazz and Hip Hop
  • Dance Workshops at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and the famous ALDC!!
  • Drama Workshops at Stella Adler Acting Academy Hollywood
  • Showcase Performances at The Disneyland Resort

For more information on Californian Dance Tours click here.

To explore a range of opportunities including those exlusive to Dance Around The World view our sample itineraries here.








Effective from 12 January, 2009, the US Department of Homeland Security have introduced new Immigration procedures for all passengers intending to enter the USA.

Under the new procedures, travellers wishing to visit the USA under the Visa Waiver

Program – which includes passport holders from Australia and New Zealand – will be required to “pre-register” their intention to enter America at least 72 hours prior to their scheduled departure.

This requires all intending travellers (adults and children) to apply online to the Department of Homeland Security for a travel authorisation, prior to boarding an aircraft or vessel to the USA. Travellers who do not apply for and receive a formal travel authorisation ahead of their intended departure date will not be able to board a flight or ship to the USA.

This is not a regulation created by airlines. It is a requirement of the US Government, and unfortunately, where passengers do not have a travel authorisation, airline check in staff or DATW staff will not be able to resolve the problem. Airlines will not be liable for any costs or cancellation penalties or inconvenience where travellers do not have a travel authorisation, and are not permitted to travel. Travel Insurance will also not cover you. This does not take the place of a Visa if you are required to apply for one.

To apply on line for a US Travel Authorisation

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You will need the following to complete your ESTA Application:

  1. Credit Card to pay USD$14 application fee.
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  3. Hotel AddressYOU MUST print authorisation key page and any other pages you have completed online and keep with you at all times throughout your trip.