4 Reasons Why you Should Add a Cruise onto your Trip!

Sail the seas and experience a Carnival or Royal Caribbean Cruise with Dance Around the World!

  1. Ultimate Relaxation – a short cruise at the end of an adventure-filled tour is always a great idea. Unpack once. Time to unwind and relax, or if you’re seeking more adventure there’s always activities to participate in! The ports always provide an opportunity to relax, or you could explore the island’s most famous attractions!
  2. Performance Opportunity – an amazing chance to shine on stage and be part of the onboard entertainment while on board the cruise ship!
  3. Meet the Performers on board and participate in a Dance workshop
  4. Tick another country off your bucket list – Whether it be Mexico or the Bahamas, wouldn’t it be great to tick one of them off your list? Where to next?

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