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Spotlight on Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong and Macau are fast becoming very popular hot destinations for our Dance studios to visit , perform and take dance workshops!

Where do we perform:

Disneyland Hong Kong – provide an opportunity to be part of the pre-parade entertainment down Main Street. Disney provide a number of music choices for Studios, they choose one and put together an amazing routine ! Crowds line the route to see the dancers perform before the Disneyland Parade floats and entertainers perform!


Ocean Park Theme Park – provide an opportunity for visitors to the Park to see the dancers perform in a 20 minute show. The location is just inside the Park. Choreography is organized and rehearsed at the studio before the Tour.

Stanley Plaza – lunchtime performances at this venue are sure to draw some of the lunchtime crowd in this very popular area. This 20 minute show is choreographed by your studio.


K11 Shopping Centre – located right across the road from our hotel, this venue is just inside this Shopping area. Late afternoon performances are welcomed by everyone! This 20 minute show is choreographed by your studio.

Out hotel is the Holiday Inn Golden Mile on Nathan Rd, right in the heart of the shopping and restaurant area. Easy walk down to the Harbor and Star Ferry with an MTR station right next door to take you all over Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

Sightseeing with a local guide to Hong Kong attractions such as Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Stanley Markets and Aberdeen, Full day tour to Mainland China Shenzhen for sightseeing and shopping at the famous Lo Wo Commercial Mall with 1500 stores!

Dance classes at the world famous Jean Wong’s Ballet can include Ballet, Jazz and Chinese Dance as well as meeting Ms Wong if she is at the studio. If available she always makes time to meet our dancers!

A quick hydrofoil trip across the sea to Macau, then sightseeing with a local guide to see this old Portuguese colony as well as the glitz of the new areas, evening at the world famous Headline show House off Dancing Water.

Many of our passengers extend at the end of the Dance Tour and head up to Beijing to visit the Great Wall, Xian to discover the Terracotta Warriors or Shanghai!

Interested in a great cultural experience for your dancers?….call our office and let us put together a tailormade itinerary for you!

Disney World Dance Tours!

“Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself, at the same time” Author Unknown

The magic of Orlando, Florida is enchanting. As you step into the world of make believe in Disney World where fairies fly free, or Universal Studios where super heroes become real, you discover a place where you can quite literally find yourself and lose yourself at the same time. It’s a fantasy world where all sorrows and problems are forgotten, as time stands still, just as in the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. The imagination and creativity of individuals come alive for entertainment purposes and family fun. Many talented people are scouted universally to create this magnificent  world, and now they have developed opportunities to go behind the scenes for those who want to learn more about it, and partake in the Orlando entertainment experience. Dancers, actors, musicians and artists, are all welcome!

Dance Around the World is a full service organisation specifically tailored to meet the growing demands that dancers have for traveling abroad to destinations such as to Orlando, Florida.  From the initial consultation, to preparing audition requirements, performances, competitions, and registration for workshops, to booking flights, hotels and cruises, the trip is all inclusive excursion for dancers and their families. Dance Around the World also provides a personal Tour Director for each trip to ensure that the  dancers get where they need to be to learn, perform and partake in Orlando’s amazing dance scene with no barriers, hassles or worries.

Experiences in Orlando, Florida for the dancers include:

  • Performances at Walt Disney World – Downtown Disney, Universal Citywalk, Sea World, and shopping mall performances
  • Dance/Drama/Band/Choir Workshops/Classes with Disney professionals as part of the Disney Performing Arts program
  • Participation in a Main Street Parade at Walt Disney World and Showcase
  • Cruise Ship performances

Non-dancers and family members are also cared and provided for so they may enjoy the trip to Orlando, as well. Tours and sightseeing excursions through Florida are also offered to such locations as: Disney Theme Parks – Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Walt Disney Studios, Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, Universal Studios, Sea World, Disney Character Breakfast, Premium Factory Shopping Outlets, Kennedy Space Centre or an evening to a sporting event. Florida is also known to have some of the most amazing beaches in the world. As a peninsula, the state is surrounded by water on three sides, and has more beaches to offer than any other place in the United States.

Pack up the dancers and the family and head to one of the most magical places on Earth where entertainment and performance are the norm, parades are nightly, and fireworks are as common as the moon. Orlando, Florida is definitely a place to consider when planning to dance around the world!




“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” Author Unknown

There is something special about the language of dance. It is universal and it speaks directly to the heart from person to person. The art of dance is prevalent around the world, and it enables the dancer to share stories and history to their audience without saying a word, using only the movements of the body and soul. There is no better example of this than the art of dance from Hawaii.  Like the islands themselves, they are a rare beauty and hold the key to a deep rooted culture and unchanging heritage. It is said by natives that “when words fail, we turn to a more ancient art of communication to express the beauty of Hawaii”, the native dance of the Hula. The Hula is as much an expression of Hawaiian life to its natives as it is their spiritual language. It has been opened up for sharing with dancers, dance studios, and performing groups traveling from abroad who are seeking to learn these sacred dances.

Dance Around the World is a full service organisation specifically tailored to meet the growing demand that dancers have for studying the Hawaiian dances, and many others abroad.  From the initial consultation, to preparing audition requirements, performances, competitions, and registration for workshops, to booking flights, hotels and cruises, the trip is all inclusive. Dance Around the World also provides a personal Tour Director for each trip to ensure that the  dancers get where they need to be to learn, perform and partake in Hawaii’s amazing dance scene with no barriers, hassles or worries.

Experiences in Honolulu for the dancers include:

  • Shopping Mall performances at Ala Moana as well as the Royal Hawaiian Centre
  • Cruise Ship performances
  • Hula Classes
  • Dance Workshops at a leading dance studio

Non-dancers and family members are also cared and provided for so they may enjoy the trip to Hawaii, as well. Tours and sightseeing excursions through Hawaii are also offered to such locations as: the Pearl Harbour tours, the Paradise Cove Sunset Luau, the Polynesian Cultural Centre, Sunset cruises and shopping at the Factory Outlet stores. Although the primary reason for the trip may be for dance purposes, the breathtakingly beautiful and natural landscape of the six Hawaiian islands can entice any traveler with its fresh, floral air, and tranquil waters.

No matter which corner of the world you travel to, dance will be there, and it offers us a chance to learn from each other. To travel the world and experience its vast assortment of dance styles and learn from a variety of masters in the art, is an experience of a lifetime. Take this opportunity to learn about Hawaii, its dances, and surround yourself in its majestic aura. It’s been said that there is no place on earth like thes Islands

Dance Tours to New York City

“Dream. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Enjoy the process. Love the art. Dance with your heart. Repeat.” Author Unknown.


As a dancer, you dream big! You have hopes of one day leaving the your studio, taking workshops with dance masters abroad, and dancing for large audiences at remarkable destinations.  First choice? New York! It’s unrivaled in its opportunities, and could possibly be labeled as the capital of dance, music and of all the arts in general. For the dancer, New York  offers inspiration and magnifies the fire burning in the soul. From workshops with top performers, tours of world renowned dance facilities, and group performance experiences, when visiting New York, dancers have the opportunity to expand their dance repertoire and their lives, while visiting one of the landmark cities of the United States.

Travelling to New York to bask in its amazing world of dance is no longer just a dream, it can now be a reality for dancers, dance studios and performing groups. Whether you are interested in attending class at the Alvin Ailey Facility, or visiting the Statue of Liberty, there are now companies that specialize in taking dancers where they need to be in New York be to fulfill all their deepest dancing desires. Dance Around the World is a full service organisation specifically tailored to meet dancers and their families travel expectations.  From the initial consultation, to preparing audition requirements, performances, competitions, and registration for workshops, to booking flights, hotels and cruises, your trip is all inclusive. Dance Around the World also provides a personal Tour Director for each trip to ensure that the  dancers get where they need to be to learn, perform and partake in New York’s amazing dance scene with no barriers, hassles or worries.

Experiences in New York for the dancers include :

  • Workshops at Broadway Dance Center, the Alvin Ailey, Steps on Broadway, the famous Joffrey Ballet and a Rockettes Master class
  • Tours of Radio City Music Hall, The Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts, the Juilliard School, The New York Ballet, The School of American  Ballet, Fiorello La Guardia Performing Arts High School and Hip Hop and Jazz Harlem Tour
  • Backstage at Broadway Shows such as Wicked and Aladdin
  • An array of evening theatre shows

Non-dancers and family members are also cared and provided for so they may enjoy the trip to New York, as well. Tours and sightseeing excursions are also offered to: the Empire State Building, World Trade Centre Site, Carriage Ride in Central Park, Ice Skating at the Rockefeller Centre, shopping at premium factory outlets and a variety of sporting events. Known as the “city that never sleeps”, there is a tremendous amount of hustle and bustle that goes one in New York, however, contrary to that, for those who prefer a quiet, relaxing get away, New York City is also known as the greenest city in America and home to the famous 843-acre Central Park which is only one of 1,700 parks and playgrounds located around town.

So, take a trip to the “Big Apple” with your dancers, and walk down Broadway, where you can see art in the theatre or in the streets, and marvel in all the reasons why New York has been known as one of the greatest cities of all times for artists of all genres.


Dance Tour Opportunities in California

Dance Tour opportunities in California – more than ever before!

Dancing in California has always been a favourite for past passengers of Dance Around The World!

You might ask yourself why California? Why Disneyland?

California offers remarkable weather year round, making it a perfect holiday destination for the whole family! For those of you who have travelled in the past and are looking for something new and different, we are always adding opportunities for performances and workshops in California (and around the world!)

Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure and Universal Studios are all going through major developments to include new attractions and new performance opportunities.

Universal Studios has now opened its ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ for all the Hogwarts fans! Development continues with a 5 year plan to expand the theme park and filming locations.

Disneyland Park sees the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade. The return of this attraction has seen visitor numbers increase making it the perfect time to dance down magical Main Street with Dance Around The World.

Disney California Adventure has opened new attractions like Soarin’ and a new World of Colour along with major redevelopment such as Carthay Circle and the popular Cars Land!

In addition to these theme park performances Dance Around The World offers a wide variety of other opportunities and here is a brief look at them:

  • Perform in a Main Street Parade at Disneyland – one of the “wow’ events available
  • Perform at Universal Studios
  • Perform on Hollywood Blvd
  • Shopping Mall performances
  • Dance/Drama/Band/Choir Workshops with Disney Professionals as part of the Disney Performing Arts Program including Dance 101, Dance Master classes, Show Choir and Musical Theatre Workshops.
  • Workshops at The Edge Performing Arts Centre Hollywood one of the finest professional training facilities for commercial dance. They offer classes in Ballet, Tap , Jazz, Modern Fusion, Contemporary, Theatre Dance, Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Turns
  • Workshops at Millennium Dance Complex Hollywood widely referred to as “the place where it happens”. They offer classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz , Jazz Funk, Breakin, Classic Jazz, Contemporary Jazz and Hip Hop
  • Dance Workshops at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and the famous ALDC!!
  • Drama Workshops at Stella Adler Acting Academy Hollywood
  • Showcase Performances at The Disneyland Resort

For more information on Californian Dance Tours click here.

To explore a range of opportunities including those exlusive to Dance Around The World view our sample itineraries here.








Effective from 12 January, 2009, the US Department of Homeland Security have introduced new Immigration procedures for all passengers intending to enter the USA.

Under the new procedures, travellers wishing to visit the USA under the Visa Waiver

Program – which includes passport holders from Australia and New Zealand – will be required to “pre-register” their intention to enter America at least 72 hours prior to their scheduled departure.

This requires all intending travellers (adults and children) to apply online to the Department of Homeland Security for a travel authorisation, prior to boarding an aircraft or vessel to the USA. Travellers who do not apply for and receive a formal travel authorisation ahead of their intended departure date will not be able to board a flight or ship to the USA.

This is not a regulation created by airlines. It is a requirement of the US Government, and unfortunately, where passengers do not have a travel authorisation, airline check in staff or DATW staff will not be able to resolve the problem. Airlines will not be liable for any costs or cancellation penalties or inconvenience where travellers do not have a travel authorisation, and are not permitted to travel. Travel Insurance will also not cover you. This does not take the place of a Visa if you are required to apply for one.

To apply on line for a US Travel Authorisation

Go to our website http://dancearoundtheworld.com.au/travelinformation/esta.html

Beware of third party websites that offer ESTA! We strongly recommend that all passenger use the link above to avoid SCAMs.

You will need the following to complete your ESTA Application:

  1. Credit Card to pay USD$14 application fee.
  2. Valid Passport that you will use to travel to the USA
  3. Hotel AddressYOU MUST print authorisation key page and any other pages you have completed online and keep with you at all times throughout your trip.

Travelling to the USA? How do the NEW changes affect you?

There are currently no changes to the standard visa waiver program – the changes will  impact only a small number of our passengers.

Passengers who:

  • Hold a dual citizenship with the following countries should contact the United States Embassy for further information:
    • Iran
    • Iraq
    • Libya
    • Somalia
    • Sudan
    • Syria
    • Yemen


Anyone who is required to apply for a VISA will need to liaise with the United States embassy as normal.

The above information is general and if you are unsure of your requirements please contact the United States Embassy to be certain.

For more information please visit the US Embassy – Australia website:




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We hope everyone has had a well deserved break over Christmas and New Year!

A great year ahead with lots of new musicals , international choreographers heading our way for some amazing workshops, new competitions……Time to start planning for the next year!

Ever thought about organizing a Dance Tour for your Studio and thought it was all too hard???

We are here to make your life easy and organize an amazing experience for all your Dancers… at Dance Around the World we take care of everything:



We have lots of performance opportunities from a Main Street Parade Disneyland, Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood, Citadel Outlets LA to Universal Studios Florida, Disneyland Hong Kong, Ocean Park, Westfield’s London and Disneyland Paris. Workshops at Broadway Dance Centre, Joffrey Ballet NY, Alvin Ailey, The Edge, ALDC LA, Millennium Dance Complex, Pineapple Studios London and Jean Wong’s Ballet Hong Kong. If you are looking for a professionally organised tour, tailored to your Studio please call us.










  1. Initial meeting with the Studio Director to design your groups itinerary – we are very flexible with the itinerary content.
  2. We organize with you Auditions required by the performance venue
  3. Collect all the payments from Deposits to Final Payment
  4. Meeting with your parents (in most areas)
  5. Special costs available for Dance teachers .We recognise that you put together a fabulous show to take on tour ,organise costumes, rehearsal etc and should be rewarded.
  6. Fundraising Bonus voucher given to you when you deposit to assist with the purchase of your costumes or travelling uniform. We also have lots of Fundraising ideas and are happy to share our 3 page Fundraising flyer with you.
  7. Great office team on hand to answer any of the families queries and also to assist with any additional arrangements after the Dance Tour. They have all travelled on our Dance Tours and can assist with any questions before or during the Tour your families may have.
  8. Workshop registration
  9. Pre-departure meeting at your Studio a few weeks before the Tour – you will also get to meet your Tour Director who will meet you at the Airport and travel with you managing the Tour on behalf of the Studio.


Organising a Tour can increase business to your Studio. Most of the studios who have travelled with us have found dancers take more classes when they return from a tour and they have increased enrolment the year following the tour. The Tour offers your students the opportunity to perform on the world stage and meet other dance students of a similar age from around the world – we have danced with studios from Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, UK, Ireland and France. We currently have costs up to February 2018 for most destinations. APRIL 2018 will be available SOON….

Please contact us if you would like an Information Pack 02 9618 6600 or email us